Friday February 15th-16th, Saturday March 2nd- (21 Hours) 9:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.

Web Analytics BootCamp

Why should I take this 3-day intensive?

Understanding web behavior is important to ensure a good user experience and maximize the conversion rate of visitors to customers. There is an abundance of web data out there.  Knowing what is important and what is not is critical to you being productive and effective. Not understanding what is happening under the hood of Google Analytics will not allow you to be as effective as you can be. 

Some of the biggest mistakes people make when using Google Analytics include:

  • Looking at data only in aggregate
  • Not segmenting
  • Forgetting to filter out internal IP addresses
  • Looking for patterns that do not exist and based on too little data
  • Not tagging your social media links with UTM tags for tracking purposes.
  • Not using a single GA tracking ID to follow your complete funnel from content to conversion

And, of course, we could continue for many more pages!

Are you ready to ensure you have a good web analytics approach in place?


In this 3-day intensive bootcamp, you will tackle many aspects of web analytics including:

  • The importance of digital analytics
  • Core analysis techniques
  • Conversions and conversion attribution
  • Creating a measurement plan
  • How to pull reports and glean insights for our web reports:
    • Audience reports
    • Acquisition reports
    • AdWords reports
    • Behavior reports
    • Custom reports and dashboards
    • Goal Flow report
    • E-commerce reports
    • Multi-Channel Funnels reports
    • Attribution reports
  • Learn Google Analytics from implementation to segmentation to campaign tracking
  • Learn How Web and mobile data are collected
  • How to set your Key Performance Indicators for tracking
  • How to implement key JavaScript code for capturing certain actions such ad pdf downloads or exit link clicks

Several case studies will be utilized for this course to better understand how we set our strategy and glean insights.

Are there any certifications included with this course?

Yes! All students will also become Google Analytics Certified at the conclusion of this course. A great bonus! 


Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone that is currently using Google Analytics and wishes to become certified and learn how to glean more insights from the various reports. It is also for those with little to no experience; many resources will be given by the instructor.


Meet Your Instructor: Rhonda Drake 

Rhonda KnehansDrake founded Drake Direct in 1996 following more than 12 years in various information management roles. Rhonda’s background includes experience in all aspects of integrated marketing from conceptualization of strategy to test market design and implementation in roll-out.

Rhonda’s experience emphasizes the importance of leveraging information to make marketing decisions. This experience has enabled her to assess the most effective and efficient ways to improve marketing efforts for her clients. In addition to consulting, Rhonda is an Assistant Professor at New York University in the Master of Science in Integrated Marketing program teaching “Statistical Measurement for Marketing,” “SAS Data Mining for Marketers,” and “Social Media Analytics”.

*Note: Curriculum is subject to change from description based on market needs