B2B Omni-Channel Marketing Tactics

Course Date: Friday, April 12th

Course Times: 1:00 P.M.- 4:00 P.M.

Certificate Hours: 3

Location: UMSL North Campus


You will learn LinkedIn for Sales in a safe live classroom. We are limiting the size of the course up to 20 students for better engagement and safety. This will allow us to bring the best to you in the current circumstances. UMSL Digital is aware of the global situation, which is why we are creating a safe learning environment for our students.

Why should I take this 1-day intensive course?

In today’s B2B space, no singular marketing channel can be used by itself to create an effective lead generation strategy. It takes a methodical and calculated omni-channel plan to be able to capture, educate and nurture your prospects to the point where they WANT to talk to you about your product/service.The competition has never been more fierce within the market and simply knowing how to only run paid ads or only prospect on LinkedIn is not enough to be effective in sales and marketing today. 
You need to be able to place the right message, in front of the right person, through the right channels and you need a sales process that will tie everything together. How to do that is challenging…but doable.
In this class we will cover:
1) How to tie together LinkedIn, Phone, Email, Content, SEO, Paid ads, and other channels to create the most unbeatable Omni-channel marketing campaigns
2) How to create a sales development process that handles leads coming in from multiple sources who are exposed to multiple types of messages
3) How to create content and messaging that draws in your target audience to engage with you
4) How to create the right dashboards that inform you on sales and marketing performance AND how to make improvements

Who would benefit from this course?

 This class is for anyone who wants to learn the most important components of B2B sales and marketing strategy.  


*Registration is now open!
*Registration will end at 5pm Thursday, September 21st, 2023
*Note: Curriculum is subject to change from description based on market needs
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