Saturday, March 9th- (7 Hours) 9:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.

LinkedIn for Business Marketing & Sales


Why should I take this 1-day intensive course?

A remarkable 80% of social media business-to-business (B2B) leads come through LinkedIn, reports Oktopost – and it makes sense why. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network with more than 560 million members. For that reason, it’s essential to master LinkedIn for branding, lead generation, marketing, and sales, regardless of what business career that you pursue.

Image Source: Oktopost social media marketing platform

Maximizing LinkedIn for business is essential, not only because it’s the world’s largest business network with 575 million members, but also because (according to Oktopost), 80% of social media business-to-business leads come through LinkedIn. To reach your prospects, you must learn to use LinkedIn to find and reach your target customers and to create a LinkedIn presence that draws them to you. In this course, you will learn to benefit from every aspect of LinkedIn, from maximizing your profile and company page to making the most of LinkedIn’s paid advertising, sponsorship, lead generation, and premium account tools.


Upon successful completion of this LinkedIn for Business Marketing & Sales Course, you will:

Understand how and why to build a powerful network and presence on LinkedIn to drive sales 
• Discover how to find potential customers and how they find you on LinkedIn even with a free account
• Become aware of how to use LinkedIn’s many free, paid tools to reach prospects and generate leads, including display advertising, sponsored InMail, and sponsored content  
• Benefit from LinkedIn’s Elevate tool to equip employees to share social posts and leverage data 
• Get clear visibility on the impact of paid programs throughout the process with LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
• Learn how to customize your invitations and acceptance messages to strengthen their sales potential
• Understand why joining and posting free and paid content in LinkedIn topical groups is so important
• Gain cutting-edge practices for leveraging company pages, showcase pages, sponsored content, text ads, display ads, LinkedIn groups, and SlideShare as part of a fully integrated marketing strategy.
• Understand the power of LinkedIn’s search algorithm and learn how prospects you for your services
• Be able to strengthen your company page and learn about paid options, including adding a career page 
• Discover how to reach Open Profilers and Open Networkers for free to exponentially build your sales reach
• Recognize the perks of posting articles on the LinkedIn Pulse blog 
• See examples of the best practices for paid advertising, sponsored content, and sponsored InMail
• Recognize the benefits, drawbacks, and pricing of LinkedIn business and sales premium accounts


Who would benefit from this course?

This 1-day course is for anyone wanting to master LinkedIn for business. It is particularly beneficial for anyone who wants to be involved in sales, marketing, or fundraising who could further their organization’s goals by establishing a strong LinkedIn presence.

In just one day, you CAN begin to master LinkedIn AND prepare your profile for success.


Meet Your Instructor: Kathy Bernard


Your instructor is Kathy Bernard, a well-known LinkedIn trainer for business and career and a career coach specializing in every aspect of job search. She is also the CEO of, a LinkedIn and career training, and services company. She has led LinkedIn training at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC), the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA Show – the nation’s 7th largest trade show), the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers (MWACE), and the St. Louis Business Expo. She has also trained thousands of college students and job seekers to land well-paying jobs, trained hundreds of corporations and businesspeople to maximize LinkedIn for sales, recruiting, and fundraising, and has led more than 500 career and LinkedIn webinars on JobTransition.TV.

Her internet-based WiserU Career System simplifies the job search journey into a step-by-step process based on research to radically improve participants’ chances of landing well-paying career positions. Kathy is heavily involved in the St. Louis startup movement as a frequent presenter at Venture Café, and was an accepted entrepreneur in the Cortex Square One, Brazen and Gateway VMS programs. Learn more about Kathy at and subscribe to her blog, which has garnered more than 1.5 million page views for its comprehensive LinkedIn and career guidance.

*Note: Curriculum is subject to change from description based on market needs