Crowdfunding Management Mastery 


Why should I take this 1-day intensive?


Crowdfunding has established itself as one of the quickest and most accessible ways for nonprofits and startups to raise the funding they need to reach their goals. Just last year, $34 Billion dollars was raised through crowdfunding across the globe, and that’s expected to grow to $300 Billion by 2025!  Crowdfunding has very literally changed the culture of funding for us all. Nonprofits are no longer bound by the will of a few wealthy donors. Inventors and artists can find an audience willing to pay for their creativity. And businesses can find investors from around the world in a matter of weeks, without ever having to travel. Finally, funding is democratized, and you, too, can raise the money you need for your next endeavor.





What will we be discussing?

In this course, you will learn how to plan, execute, and follow up on a successful crowdfunding campaign. Subjects covered will include preparing a game plan for your campaign, positioning your story for virality, finding and reaching your audience, setting a timeline and reward levels, tying your fundraising goal to a comprehendible impact, and making supporters feel ownership of your success.


Various crowdfunding platforms will be discussed, several case studies will be shared, and a guest speaker with several successful campaigns will share their first hand knowledge. Additionally, this course will offer the opportunity for each student to plan their own crowdfunding campaign in class and receive detailed feedback. Students should leave this course feeling empowered with a plan to successfully execute their own crowdfunding campaign.


Meet Your Instructor: Ryan Brennell

Ryan Brennell is the founder and CEO of Gladitood, a platform that combines charitable dollars with quality nonprofits in the world’s first philanthropic marketplace. Ryan has dedicated the last six years of his life to helping nonprofits reach their goals. Today, Ryan wants to use his combined knowledge and network to help nonprofits solve the world’s most pressing issues faster. Ryan is driven by a passion for service and travel, and the ability they have to broaden perspective and change the world.


*Note: Curriculum is subject to change from description based on market needs