An Immersion into Digital Media and Display Advertising

Fall 2017  |  9 AM–5 PM  |  14 Hours ($395)  |  Registration will be available Summer 2017  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

     A 2-Day BootCamp: 

An Immersion into Digital Media &

Display Advertising

Why should I take this 2-day intensive?

Just take a look at some of the recent articles on the web dealing with the world of digital advertising.  Need I say more?

  • Google, Facebook, IAB & major brands form Coalition for Better Ads
  • Amobee Triggers activates campaigns based on a mix of online & offline signals
  • Bing Ads Editor now supports separate ads for search and native ads
  • 32 percent of global page views now impacted by ad blocking
  • Are you losing money to ad fraud? 3 ways to protect yourself
  • Hulu has just joined a list of major platforms that ignore Do Not Track requests
  • Large marketers are winning in programmatic (Here’s what you can do to stop them)
  • AdBlock Plus announces new ad exchange; Not with our ads, say Google & AppNexus

Are you ready for that next thing?

Adblock Plus copy

Digital media buyers today are more than just buyers, they are planners and strategists ready to react in a moment's notice.  In this course you will be exposed to the various digital media advertising options available including site-direct, ad networks, and programmatic buying across desktop, mobile, tablet, audio, video, and social.

In this 2 day intensive bootcamp topics covered include:

  • Online Advertising Industry Overview
  • The Essentials of Online Advertising
  • Buy Side vs. Sell Side
  • The Digital Landscape
  • Key Technologies
  • What is Programmatic
  • How Does Real Time Bidding Work?
  • Pricing Models
  • Ad Tags and Cookies
  • Ad Sizes (IAB standards)
  • Audience Targeting

Who is this class for?

This class is not for the novice.  The world of digital display and advertising is complex and very detailed.  It is advised you have some digital marketing experience prior taking this bootcamp or at least have been exposed to other workshops and bootcamps offered by UMSL within the digital certifcation program.



What are students saying about this class?

"Mr. Nelson is very passionate about Digital advertising and knew how to explain the new trends of advertising on the internet as well as the traditional (television, radio, paper) uses of advertising. Any question we asked him he was able to answer and even show evidence supporting his answer. "  -- Vincent Tillman Jr.

Overall ratings by students: 4.40/5.00


Who is the instructor?


Your instructor for this intensive is Eric Nelsen.  Eric is an idea evolutionist and thrives on the challenges that the ever-evolving media landscape brings and the solutions that can be found combining online and offline strategies.

He brings over 20 years experience in traditional and digital media from media focused agencies such as MPG and Initiative, to full service agencies such as R&R Partners and Rawle Murdy Associates. His experience spans a large array of categories including luxury travel brands, tourism, Government, QSR, and CPG. A graduate of Salisbury University, he received a Gold Effie for his work with the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Eric is currently the SVP, Media Director at Dicom Marketing Services, Inc. as well as the President and co-founder of 314 Digital.

Where is this bootcamp held?

It is held on teh UMSL North Campus.  You will find the map here: north-campus-map%20(1).pdf