Justin Lopinot

Justin currently serves as public relations director at Savvis, a CenturyLink company. In this role, Justin oversees global external communications, including strategy and implementation of public relations, analyst relations and

social media. His duties also include collaborating with corporate and product marketing on key initiatives, supporting internal communications, assisting with investor relations and directing agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Justin also currently serves as an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He teaches such as Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication and Organizational Communication to the next wave of communication professionals.

Prior to joining Savvis, Justin was an account executive at the Standing Partnership, where he built and maintained the reputations of clients through a range of internal and external communication approaches such as social media, issues management, short- to long-term strategy, crisis planning and communications, community relations, traditional marketing, change management programs and projectmanagement.

Justin has also served as an information specialist at UMSL and an editor at the Suburban Journals. He earned a master’s degree in communication from UMSL and a bachelor’s degree in English from Fontbonne University.