Ed Reggi

Ed Reggi is an award winning actor, director, comedian and producer. When Reggi is not making people laugh, he's uses improv to coach corporate executives.  Ed Reggi is a lifelong storyteller--who has the stories to prove it. Before leaving the Big Apple to join midwest living, he worked as a professional improvisational actor in New York City, Chicago and LA.

As a St. Louis transplant, Reggi has managed to create a thriving career in television and on stage. You can watch Ed play himself on Oprah’s WELCOME TO SWEETIE PIES filmed in St. Louis. In his spare time, Reggi has managed to create a few St. Louis cultural events including the 48-Hour Film Project, The St. Louis Improv and St. Louis Fringe Festivals.
Recently, Reggi helped create a weekly St. Louis PBS television program, STAY TUNED. He is currently a consultant, helping other PBS stations (and nonprofits) across the U.S. embrace authentic digital storytelling and strategy.
Ed frequently lectures on the topics of Open Source, social media driven strategies for nonprofits and how digital storytelling will influence the future of both public and commercial media. Ed also uses applied improvisation techniques to coach corporate management and leaders

Financial Aid

The Workforce Investment Act governed by the Workforce Investment Board distributes funds through the UrbanForce program at the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE)